Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Care Assistance

How Do I Get My Mom/Dad on Medicaid?
How do we avoid probate?
My Dad has dementia and cannot live at home alone anymore. What should we do?
When does a person need a guardianship?
How long does the guardianship process take?
Does a person who files a Petition for Guardianship have to be the Guardian?
What is the difference between a Guardian ad Litem and a Guardian?
Can I leave an inheritance to my disabled child?
Isn't it better to have a Revocable Living Trust than a Will?
How can I help my parents when I live in another town or state?
How do we pay for long term care for my mom?
What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
What is a POLST?
Do I need a Living Will?
What if I file for a guardianship for my Dad and he doesn't want it?
Are Powers of Attorney effective as soon as they are signed?
Can my Mom just transfer all her money to the kids to qualify for Medicaid?
Are both spouses' resources considered when an ill spouse applies for Medicaid?
Can the person I named in my Power of Attorney make decisions about my funeral after I die?
Can the State take my mom's home if she goes on Medicaid?